Solar pool panels are usually flat-plate solar water heating collectors. The best versions of Solar Collectors for  pool water use are often made of  top quality raw Copolymer Polypropylene blended with carbon black, synergistic antioxidants and UV stabilizers.. Pool water having chlorine is corrosive and is circulated through the panels using the existing pool filter system or a supplement one. An automatic temperature controller is used to operate the pump.

The collectors/ panels can be roof mounted near the Swimming pool, or they can be placed on a ground, on a tilted rack. Due to the low temperature difference between the air and the water, the panels are often unglazed but are pleasing to look. The collectors should ideally face South in the northern hemisphere, and North in the southern.. The Collectors static tilt should be placed in such an angle that it warms the pool even during the coolest months of the year. The tilt will vary in regard to latitude .The collectors gravity must be downwards so as to protect itself from freezing conditions in extremely cold climates.

A simple rule to calculate the  panel area needed is around 60% of the pool's surface area i.e. Length x Breadth (  not the height of the pool ). This calculation is only applicable for areas where swimming pools are used in the summer season only, not for the year round. Installing solar collectors to a outdoor swimming pool, in a cold climate, can typically extend the swimming season by a couple of months or more if an insulating pool cover is also used. However an in depth analysis is required by an expert to maximize the solar pool heating system before it is built.

Solar energy is Human and Environment Friendly

These days we hear a lot about the damaging effect that burning fossil is having on the environment. Fuel burnt releases nitrogen oxides that cause smog formation. Respiratory problems are on the rise due to this smog. Solar energy helps effectively in reducing the smog. Burning Fuels also produces carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide enters our atmosphere and affects climate change. By using our Solar heating Collectors you can stop three to 10 tonnes of Carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere each swimming season. So save the Earth!!!
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